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About the photographer

Yours truly

Jose was born in 1982 and raised in South Florida. He graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Civil Engineering and is currently a practicing engineer. So why photography, you may ask? He has turned a hobby that he has been passionate about and has taken it to the next level. Jose has traveled around the world visiting several contries and photographing many spectacular and exotic places. He has been a photographer for 7 years and is continuing to build a reputation with creativity and professionalism. He specializes in natural light photography and is able to provide many services. Allow Jose to capture your special moments for you.

I am able to provide services for any of the following:
- Events (Weddings, Formal Parties/Gatherings)
- Pregnancy, Newborn/Baby Photography
- Outdoor Portraits
- Real Estate
- Sporting Events
- Street Photography
- Landscapes
- Wildlife
- Micro/Macro and Detail

I mainly work with natural light and am open to trying new ideas or themes that you may have. Any special requests, please feel free to contact me.

Varies per session
From each session, I will work with you to pick the best 20-50 photos. All of these photos will be post processed and delivered to you via CD/DVD. I will provide you with a color set, black & white set and sepia (if requested). Photos will also be available online as well.

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